Friendship Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Ai Image Creator

Friendship Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Ai Image Creator

Ai Photo Editing

Friendship Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Ai Image Creator – Friends, if you want to create an image for your friend that has your name and the name of your friends written and a 3D model as if there is no photo of you.   Just write your name.  You can use this type of image in your position.   If you also post your status on WhatsApp or Facebook…  You can do it there.   It will look great.  So how do you create such images?  If you want to understand, I will tell you in the article that you can learn to draw several drawings from it.   You will learn a lot from this article.   You just have to follow it properly .

Friendship Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Ai Image Creator
Friendship Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Ai Image Creator

Friendship Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Ai Image Creator

See what kind of image it creates.   First you can make photo of your two friends .   So if you are both friends you can take different types of photos and I have taught you how to make some group photos.   Another thing you need to know is that if you are a girl, this photo can also be made for you.   You just have to say mail.   So if it’s a boy, you turn him into a girl and then dress him up to your liking.   From then on you have to put your name in it.   Just click Create later and add your photos.   They will be created there and then you can download them.   Hindi to Marathi

Ai Photo Editing Prompts 2024

1 PROMPT:- realistic indian 18-Year-old cute friend and 18 years boy wearing sunglasses setting on a Jeep Number MH_21 888. Boy Wearing black shirt with shoes with black sunglasses, and boy wearing white t shirt , jeans with sleepar with black sunglasses, The background road features fast t shirt name”Saurabh” second t shirt name “Omkar” in big and capital black fonts on the big road. and there are many car to make it appear as if he is an ultra details, hyperrealist, 4k real image


AI Photo Editing

2 PROMPT:- 25 years old Five Boys and boy standing in stylish pose. beautiful gira water flow in back, with nikon camera. boy wearing Dark red long t-shirt, pora All the boys have different names written on their T-shirts like Saurabh, Omkar, Ramu, Golu, Sonu He is looking so cute, indian, stylish, and smart, smiling. some boy in back, full Blaring background, 4k high quality.


Ai Photo Editing Prompt

3 PROMPT:- Four friends are having fun sitting in a jeep plate number MH21 888 on the city road of Mumbai of them have green, white, black ,shirts and white pants, Saurabh Golu Pavan Omkar name is written on all the shirts all of them are wearing glasses and all of them are 18 years old. drinking pepsi Real image.


AI Photo Editing Prompts

4 PROMPT:- Indian Two friends cute 20 year old are sitting on a chair at a tea stall in the market, background man walking in the market drinking tea with one hand, smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke out of the mouth with the other hand and a boy wearing white slippers with black glasses, his T-shirt is red Saurabh name is written on the fast t-shirt, Omkar is written on the second t-shirt. boy real image


5 PROMPT:- 21 years old Indian four best friend sitting casually on a white chair. Wearing sneakers, and sunglasses, he looke ahead The boy (Saurabh, Omkar, Shubham, Soham) are written in Yellow and Red neon light in the background, the background is dark gray



• How To Create Ai Images

1. Is creating an image from this a big issue or not, because we can easily create an image from it. First, you have to specify what type of image you want to create and from which frame.

2. After that, what you need to do is copy it, choose how you want to copy, and then copy it.

3. After that, you need to go to a website named Bing Image Creator. Once there, you have to use the prompt.

4. First, you have to change your name and your partner’s name.

5. Then the images you create will be ready, and you can use them in your editing.


The trending couples AI image generator represents a significant leap in the field of digital artistry. By harnessing the power of AI, it offers unprecedented opportunities for creativity, efficiency and innovation. As this technology continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly shape the future of art and design in profound and exciting ways.


What is the best AI picture generator?

Craiyon | Best no-frills AI image generator. Craiyon. …
Midjourney | Best AI image generator for highest quality photos. Midjourney.
Adobe Firefly | Best AI Image Generator if you have a reference photo. Adobe Firefly. …
Generative AI by Getty Images | Best AI Image Generator for businesses. …
Nightcafe. …

How can I generate my AI photo?

How to make AI-generated images
Start a design project from scratch or with a template. …
Describe the image you’d like to generate. …
If using Magic Media’s Text to Image, you can also choose an image style from our available options like Watercolor, Filmic, Neon, Color Pencil, and Retrowave.

Is there a free AI image generator?

Fy! Studio is a free to use AI Image generator that allows users to create their own art using a simple text input.

Which AI tool generates images from text?

Adobe Firefly is an example of an AI image generator with a text-to-image feature. Generative AI models are often trained on large amounts of wide-ranging visual data that form the basis of how it “learns” to generate imagery based on various styles, patterns, and contexts.

Is AI image generator legal?

For a product to be copyrighted, a human creator is needed. AI-generated content can’t be copyrighted because it isn’t considered to be the work of a human creator.

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