Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset Free Download

Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset free download to doston aaj ki is blog Mein Ham Baat Karne Wale Hain Ki Kis Tarah Se aap Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset ka use kar sakte ho ya edit kar sakte ho to aap log is post se pahle aap video per jao yani ki YouTube video per jao aur vahan per dekhna ki video mein

And in the preset password is attached or free is Thek Hai Donan Chiz you have to watch that video Magar password is attached, then you have to watch this video carefully if the password is not attached, then free will be Aram se you guys Dekh Lek hai toh Chale

Yahan per aap Logon Ko step bye step bataya Jaega aap log Dhyan se Dekho aap aaram se edit kar lo agar koi dikkat bhi Aaye Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset edit karne mein to aap direct mujhse baat kar sakte ho aap mera Instagram per aap contact kar sakti ho

And have read this blog in full and then you guys carefully you will be able to download presets and edit kar sake gotta have any dikkt in the Edit then you contact karo Thek Hai

ab Yahan per do language use Kiya Gaya Hai Hindi aur English Agar Jo user Hindi mein padhna chahte ho aaram se padh sakte ho Jo English mein padhna chahte ho padh sakte ho koi bhi dikkat I language mein bhi to batana theek hai donon Ke Liye Main banaa Diya hun fatafat dekho aur padhte jao aur banate jao theek hai

Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset to friends today’s blog is about the ways in which you can use Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset or edit it to your log before posting this, go to the video i.e. Go to YouTube video and watch the video on vehicle.

Aur preset me password hai hai ya free hai thek hai daon chij aap dekhna ki video magar password hai to aap dyan se dekhna hoga Agar password nahin hai ho to free hoga aaram se aap log lena dekh hai hai to Chaliye

Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset

  • Import Your Photo:
  • Open Adobe Lightroom and import the portrait photo you want to edit.
  • 2. Navigate to the Develop Module:
  • In the top right corner, click on “Develop” to enter the Develop module.
  • 3. Basic Adjustments:
  • Adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks to improve the overall tonality of the image.
  • 4. Enhance Skin Tones:
  • Go to the “Color” panel and use the HSL/Color panel to fine-tune individual color tones. Pay special attention to the oranges and reds to enhance and balance the skin tones.
  • 5. Soften Skin (Optional):
  • Use the “Brush” tool with a negative clarity setting to soften the skin. Adjust the brush size and apply it to the areas with skin.
  • 6. Adjust Tone Curve:
  • Create a slight “S” curve in the Tone Curve panel to add contrast. Lift the highlights slightly and bring down the shadows for a flattering look.
  • 7. Vignette Effect:
  • Apply a subtle vignette to draw attention to the subject. Adjust the Amount and Midpoint sliders in the Effects panel.
  • 8. Split Toning:
  • Use split toning to add a subtle color cast to the highlights and shadows. This can add warmth to the highlights and coolness to the shadows.
  • 9. Sharpening and Noise Reduction:
  • Adjust the sharpening settings to enhance details, and use noise reduction if needed.
  • 10. Color Grading:
  • In the “Color Grading” panel, experiment with adding a slight color tint to the shadows, midtones, and highlights to create a cohesive and pleasing color scheme.
  • 11. Adjust Clarity and Dehaze:
  • Fine-tune the clarity slider to add a bit of sharpness without making the image look too harsh. Adjust the dehaze slider if there are any haziness issues.
  • 12. Save as a Preset:
  • Once you’re satisfied with the adjustments, save the settings as a preset. In the left panel, go to the Presets tab, right-click on an empty area, and choose “Create Preset.”
  • 13. Name and Save:
  • Give your preset a name like “Portrait Tone” and select the settings you want to include in the preset. Click “Create” to save the preset.
  • 14. Apply the Preset:
  • You can now apply your “Portrait Tone” preset to other portrait photos with a single click.

Here I will tell you step by step, you will see my log carefully, you can edit it comfortably if anyone cares, you can directly talk to me in editing the Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset you can contact me on my Instagram.

And you have read this blog completely and only then you log in carefully, you will be able to download the preset and edit it.

ab Here for which language is used Hindi and English If the user wants to read in Hindi, you can read comfortably Those who want to read in English can read, you can also pay attention I have also given the information in the language, this is made for both. Look at the fatata given to you, read it and make it.

what is lightroom preset

jaise ki ham log Jaan Rahe Hain ki abhi Digital Photography Ki Duniya Hai theek hai to Hamari photo jo bhi click Hoti Hai vah DSLR Hai photo ya mobile se bhi click Hoti Hai To usmein acchi nahin aati hai isliye

yah preshit Ka Jo hamari Chhavi ko matlab Hamari photo ko acchi Behtar banane ke liye ham log lightroom preset ka use karte hain to ham log Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset se pahle janenge ki lightroom preset Hota kya hai

to doston lightroom preset ka matlab yahi hai ki jo bhi aapane photo click Kiya theek hai ya vah fiki ho ya thoda sa color Jo color maintain karne ke liye ham log lightroom apk ka use karte hain

aur acchi Behtar photo banane ke liye bhi use karte hain lightroom app mein thoda sa aap apne photo ka color Badha sakte ho aap apni photo mein Chamak La sakti ho theek hai

to aaiae Aaj Ham Jante Hain Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset Kaise edit Karen Niche jakar padhiye

As we are realizing that now the world of digital photography is fine, whatever photo we click is a DSLR or even a mobile photo, so it does not look good.

Yes, that means we use Lightroom preset to improve our image, so before Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset we will know what is Lightroom preset.

Friends, the meaning of Lightroom preset is that you have also clicked the photo, whether it is fixed or has a little color, the color has to be maintained, we use Lightroom APK.

And to make better photos also use a little bit in Lightroom app you can enhance the color of your photo you can bring brightness in your photo ok

Let us know today how to edit Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset read below.

Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset

preset milane ke bad Kuchh step niche Diye Gaye use Dhyan se Dekhen aur use Tarah Se apply Karen yah aapki editing mein bahut jyada help Karega

After adding the preset, follow some steps given below and apply it properly, it will help a lot in your editing.

Download Lightroom Software

Sabse pehle, Adobe Lightroom Classic ya Lightroom CC ko apne computer ya mobile device par download aur install kare.

First, download and install Adobe Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC on your computer or mobile device.

Open Lightroom

Lightroom ko open kare aur apne desired image ko import kare.

Open Lightroom and import your desired image.

Open the presets panel

Lightroom ke left side me “Presets” panel ko open kare. Yadi ye panel dikhayi nahi deta hai, to “Window” menu me ja kar “Presets” ko select kare.

Open the “Presets” panel on the left side of Lightroom. If this panel doesn’t appear, go to the “Window” menu and select “Presets.”

Select User presets folder

Apne Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset ko import karne ke liye, aapko apne preset file ko select karna hoga. Iske liye, “Presets” panel ke upar ek dropdown menu hoga, usme se “User Presets” ko select kare.

To import your Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset you must select your preset file. For this, there will be a dropdown menu above the “Presets” panel, select “User presets” from it.

Import Presets

Pilihan “pratetap pengguna” dan “Import” pilih emosi. Saya mempunyai komputer dengan fail pratetap dan saya memilih mana yang hendak digunakan. Yup, lazimnya .lrtemplate ya .X-Files hi.

Right-click on “User presets” and select “Import” option. Now you can choose the preset file from your computer. This is typically a .lrtemplate or .xmp file.

apply preset

Import karne ke baad, aap apne image par preset apply kar sakte hain. Iske liye, apne image ko select kare aur “User Presets” me se imported preset ko select kare.

After importing, you can apply the preset to your image. For this, select your image and select the imported preset from “User presets”.

djustments (if necessary)

Preset apply karne Ke baad, preset aapko ke according to Lattice bhi further adjustment ko karna hai. Portrait Tone Lightroom Presets usually color balance, exposure, contrast, or saturation ko affect karta hai, isliye aap in ko settings adjust kar sakte hain.

After applying the preset, you have to make any further adjustments according to the preset. Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset typically affect color balance, exposure, contrast, and saturation, so you can customize them in the settings.


Jab aap satisfied ho jayein apne edit ke saath, to apne edited image ko save karne ke liye “File” menu se “Export” option select kare.

When you are satisfied with your edit, select the “Export” option from the “File” menu to save your edited image.

Any qustion

is blog ko padhne ke bad aur Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset download ya edit karne ke bad Bhi Koi problem aati hai aapko to aap direct Mujhse contact kar sakte ho site Ke Niche aur Telegram Channel ka link Diya gaya hai

ya YouTube ka vahan bhi message kar sakte ho Instagram Ka bhi Diya Gaya aap vahan per kar lena aur aap log main Asha karta hun ki aap log Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset edit kar liye Honge agar koi bhi dikkat hai to mujhe baten kar sakti ho

aap yahan se bhi direct mujhe message kar sakti ho main aaram se aapka message dekh Lunga aur turant reply Dunga Uske bad bhi guys bahut sari lightroom preset Hamari aane wali h

To channel ko subscribe kar lo aur channel per Bane Raho bahut sari preset aati hai to aap log download karte hain install karna agar koi bhi dikkat aaye to jarur batan ek baat aur kis type ki lightroom preset chahiye batana jarur

After reading this blog and after downloading or editing the Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset if you face any problem, you can contact me directly. The link to Telegram Channel is given at the bottom of the site.

You can also send messages through YouTube, Instagram is also given, you can do it through vehicle and you log into main. I hope you have edited the log Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset If anyone cares, you can share it with me.

You can also message me directly from here, I can easily see your message and can reply immediately. Also, guys, we have many lightroom presets coming our way.

Subscribe to this channel and stay tuned to the channel. There are many presets available for you to download and install. If anyone cares, please tell us one more thing and what type of Portrait Tone Lightroom Preset is required.


Are portrait tone presets suitable for all types of portraits?

Portrait tone presets can be adapted to various styles, but it’s essential to choose a preset that complements the mood and theme of the portrait.

Can I use portrait tone presets on mobile devices?

Yes, many presets are compatible with mobile versions of Lightroom, offering flexibility for on-the-go editing.

How do I avoid overusing presets and creating a generic look?

Experiment with customization options, adjust the intensity of preset effects, and combine multiple presets for a personalized touch.

Do professional photographers use portrait tone presets?

Many professional photographers incorporate presets into their workflow, using them as a foundation and fine-tuning manually for a unique finish.

Are there any free portrait tone presets available?

Yes, some photographers and preset creators offer free presets, allowing you to explore different styles without a financial commitment.

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