Teal And Grey Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download

Teal And Grey Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download

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Teal And Grey Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download Hello guys how are you guys and welcome to our website. Friends in today’s article I brought you the teal and gray preset Lightroom. So guys today you can use the presets that we are giving you Lightroom for free. If you want to download presets then you have to go down after reading this article completely and there you have to download it by following the download steps.

Teal And Grey Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download
Teal And Grey Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download

How to edit Teal and grey preset lightroom :-

First you have to download Lightroom presets, after that you have to do all these settings, first you have to open Lightroom app, after that you have to click on plus (+) option and our phone gallery will open, now we have to click on our photo and make presets then click under advertisement. , Then we have to click on the back arrow and then click on all photos.

After that you have to open the preset and you will see 3 dots at the top, click on it. Now you must scroll down a little and there you will find the option of Copy Settings, click on it and copy all settings. Next you have to open your photo and click on 3 dots and click on paste settings below. Your photo will be edited as you paste it

How to Install this (.dng) Teal and grey preset lightroom in Mobile Lightroom App?

  1. Copy all (.dng) file presets in your mobile memory.
  2. Open Lightroom mobile app then opens the desired Raw file which is the preset files.
  3. Click on three dots on the right side and click copy settings.
  4. Now open the jpeg photo in which you want to apply preset and again click on three dots.
  5. Now click paste settings to apply presets.

How To Install XMP Presets In Lightroom App →


First You Need To Download Zarchiver App.
Then Download My Presets Link Given In Below.
Now Open Zarchiver App And Open Download Folder Then You Need To Find Top 55+ Lightroom Xmp Presets Deepak Creations
So When You Have Found This Then You Need To Extract This File And Also Remeber That You Need A Password That Is Password → Watch this video → 9785
When Everything Is Done So Lets Copy All Presets (XMP) File And You need To Paste Lightroom Folder Like This → ( Phone Storage > Android> Data > com.adobe.lrmobile > Files > carsouseldocuments > 0000000000000000000 > Profile > Setting > UserStyles ) Now Paste All Presets XML File In This Folder.
So Finally Its Done.

To download you have to follow the following steps:-

1- First of all click on the download button given below.
2- After that select the option of Drive.
3- Now you have to open Preset.
4- On top of this an arrow option is visible.
5- Click on it.
Your preset will be downloaded as soon as you click on the arrow.


Teal and gray tone Lightroom presets are a powerful tool for photographers who want to enhance their images with a modern, cinematic look. By understanding how to use these presets effectively, you can achieve consistent, professional-quality results that enhance your photography. Whether you choose to use ready-made presets or build your own, the key lies in experimentation and practice. Use the ability of teal and gray tones to turn your photos into visually stunning pieces of art.


What are Teal and Grey Tone Lightroom Presets?

Teal and Grey Tone Lightroom Presets are predefined settings within Adobe Lightroom that apply a specific color grading effect to your photos. These presets incorporate teal and grey tones to create a modern, cinematic look.

How do I install Teal and Grey Tone Lightroom Presets?

Open Adobe Lightroom.
Go to the Develop module.
In the left panel, find the Presets section and click on the + icon.
Select Import Presets from the dropdown menu.
Locate the presets on your computer and click Import.

Can I create my own Teal and Grey Tone Presets?

Yes, you can create your own presets by adjusting the color settings in Lightroom. Once you’re satisfied with the look, save the settings as a new preset by clicking the + icon in the Presets panel and selecting Create Preset.

Do Teal and Grey Tone Presets work on all types of photos?

While teal and grey tone presets can be applied to any photo, they work best on images with good lighting and contrast. They are particularly effective in enhancing urban, fashion, and landscape photography.

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