White Tone Lightroom Preset Free Download

Guys, what you are going to find in today’s article is the white tone Lightroom presets. Now see where you should know by its name that it is a white tone preset and not a white preset. What happens in the white tone preset is that your photo gets a light white color effect, while your whole picture turns white. If you want to know in detail I will explain below . If you read it, your confusion will go away and with the help of set on it, you can apply white tone on your photo. For this you need to read the entire article and go and download.

White Tone Preset

Guys, as I mentioned in white tone and white color presets, I will explain to you what is the difference between the two things. Look, if looking at your photo like you, one part is white color, then it will have little effect and your photo will have color effect from above. For example, if your photo already has a green color, it will remain green because it is already natural and look at your white tone.

That slight effect comes from above and see what your white preset is. This includes your green color or any other color. Turning it into a picture will make it all white and your whole picture will appear in white. He is different . If you want that preset, I’ve uploaded its current as well. You can download from our site.

White Tone Lightroom Preset

And I myself create such special presets and bring them to you so that my clients can download and edit their photos wherever they are. You improve your editing. Look, if you want this notification like when I upload anything, you don’t get the address of that brother, when I uploaded or when I didn’t, I have a website on my website for it. A notification bell has been installed there. From there you allow it. What will happen is that when I upload a preset or anything, the notification will go to you. When the notification will go to you from there you can click on the website where you can view it. You can download it from here or I do it there.

How To Use White Tone Lightroom Preset

This preset is a DNG preset. You will find the preset with DNG below. From there you download it as soon as you download it. The process of downloading will also be explained to you. I explain everything in detail in everything so that you guys do not face any problems. Now as you download from simple . After that you add it to the application, now which application will be, that will be. You can find Lightroom on Play Store. You download it, when you download it from the Play Store and open it, some permissions will appear.

White Tone Lightroom Presets ke Gun:

  1. Ujala Sudhar: White Tone presets aam taur par mukhya ujala ko badhane ke sudharan shamil karte hain, jisse tasviren jivant aur chamakdar dikhayi deti hain.
  2. Narm Vipreetata: Ye presets narm vipreetata sudharan ka upyog karte hain taaki ujale aur chhaye ke beech ek komal santulan bana rahe, jo ek sannihit parinam deta hai.
  3. Safed Santulan: White Tone presets ke uddeshya safed santulan ko darshane ki hain taaki safed rangon ko spasht aur shuddh dikhaya ja sake, jo tasviren naye aur saaf dikhata hai.
  4. Sookshma Saturation: Jabki safed rangon ko bal dete hue, ye presets prakriti ke rangon ko bachane ke liye sookshmatam star ka rangmanch banaye rakhte hain, jo antat:
  5. Spashtata aur Tejai: White Tone presets spashtata aur tejai mein sudhar shamil kar sakte hain taaki tafseelat ko badhaya ja sake jabki ek naram aur sapnon ki tarah mahol bana rahe.

White Tone Lightroom Presets Ka Upyog Karne ke Fayde:

  1. Pratisthapan: White Tone presets editing mein pratisthapan pradan karte hain, jisse photographers apne portfolio ya ek series of tasviren mein ek samaan rup prapt kar sakte hain.
  2. Samay Bachat: Presets ka upyog karke, photographers editing par kharch hone vale samay ko kai guna kam kar sakte hain, jo unhe tasviren capture karne par adhik dhyan dene ki anumati deta hai aur kam post-processing par.
  3. Nirmaan Karne Wale Parinam: White Tone presets anubhavi photographers aur sudharan ke visheshagya dvaara banaye gaye hote hain, jisse kam prayas ke saath vyavasaayik gunvatta ke parinam prapt kiye ja sakte hain.
  4. Rachnatmak Swatantrata: Jabki presets ko shuru karne ke liye istemal kiya jaata hai, ve aage aur bhi vikalpon ke liye jhul sakte hain anusaar vyaktigat pasand aur kalaatmak drishti.
  5. Samadhan Kiya Gaya Vyavastha: White Tone presets ko aapke editing vyavastha mein shaamil karne se prakriya ko suvidha aur pragatisheel banaya ja sakta hai, vishesh kar jab bade matra mein tasviren par kaam kiya ja raha ho.

White Tone Lightroom Presets Ka Prayog Kaise Kare:

  1. Sthapna: Shuruwat mein, ek vishesh White Tone preset ko ek vishvasniya srot se download karein. Ek baar download hone ke baad, presets ko Adobe Lightroom mein sthapit karein diye gaye margadarshanon ko follow karke.
  2. Presets Laagu Karne: Lightroom ko kholen aur us tasveer ko import karein jise aap sudhaar karna chahte hain. Vikas module mein jaayein aur baayein taraf sthit Presets panel ko khojein. Apne White Tone presets ko shamil karne wale folder ko khojein aur laagu karna chahte hain, us par click karein.
  3. Sudharan aur Sucharu Karne Ka: Preset laagu karne ke baad, apne vishesh tasveer ke anusaar sudharan karne ke liye fine-tune karein. Ismein prakash, vipreetata, safed santulan, aur anya settings ko tay karna shamil hai jisse aap ichhit rup prapt kar sakein.
  4. Sudharan Ko Bachaana: Ek baar jab aap apne sudharan se santusht hote hain, to aap apne n

After granting permission, you must add your Lightroom preset there. When you add here, what will be after your preset . It gets added to the app. When it is added to the application, what you have to do there. You just have to add a picture of yourself. Which you have to edit, then copy the settings of your preset and paste there.

How To Download White Tone Lightroom Preset

Simple if you want to download you have given a button below . Do you just click that button like you would click . You go directly to the download page. Then from there you can download any Lightroom preset. Like if you are downloading a picture from our website, you should download it again with that method.

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