Create Friends Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos With Bing Image Creator Prompts

Create Friends Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos –If your friends are not with you during Holi, then understand that your Holi is useless. If you don’t like it or your family members don’t stay with you, then in today’s photo we’re going to teach you that if you don’t have your friends, then you can fall in love with them. Because today in this article we will teach you how to create such a Holy EYE photo. How can you create a photo of Holly with your name and the names of your friends. Here you can edit group photos. Whatever is happening on Holi, we have tried to create it here. As soon as you see the image, you will understand for yourself what kind of image we are going to learn how to create here.

Create Friends Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos

You must have seen that during Holi your friends tear off your clothes, or if you click on any photo with your friend, then all these things like color, etc. remain on your face. When you click on a group photo, you don’t even know. You can see anyone’s face on what we’re going to edit today. This is what is reflected in the edit. I added a photo to the thumbnail. So that you also know that look, brother, you have to do this type of editing. If you want to create a group photo, then usually many people have to create such photos.

But his clue wasn’t ready yet, so I couldn’t provide it to you. But today in this article I provided it because so far I have been teaching photo editing using artificial intelligence for couples and single people. It was on Holi, and now we have also taught this group photo. If anyone else is left out, we’ll do it in the next article.

Friends Happy Holi 3D Ai Prompts

Create Krishna Happy Holi 3d Ai Photos

PROMPT :- Create a high quality realistic image, lord Krishna and a teenage boy are playing holi with each other, boy is wearing coloured white t-shirt on which his name ” Rajan ” is written boldly on top, both are smiling, environment is colourful, background is of temple, image should ultra clear, hyper realistic, 4k.

Create Friends Happy Holi 3d Ai Images Prompts

2ND PROMPT :- Created a realistic image of four-five realistic 18 year old Indian boys, holding each other’s colorful clothes and tearing them, playing Holi, with a big sign board in the background which clearly read ” HAPPY HOLI Rajan TOLI, AMAN, SUMIT, RITESH, MONU” is written, many children are playing Holi by tearing clothes, there is an atmosphere of colors, colorful atmosphere, there are colors all around, they are smiling, laughing very loudly. , realistic image,

Holi 3D Ai Images

Create Friends Happy Holi 3d Ai Images

3RD PROMPT :- 7 Friend 18 year old boy playing Holi and celebrating India festival holi with background of blue sky in Indian Street and 7 Friend wearing all t shirt with name “Rajan” t shirt colour mairun on it by the way childrens are playing around, some children also playing holi, and some uncles drinking tea at a shop. also a text written Happy Holi at top, 3D art painting realistic photo with high resolution. 4Kultra resulation real image

Sad Happy Holi 3d Ai Photos

4TH PROMPT :- Create a 3D realistic image of a 16 year old Indian girl sitting sad with his head bowed, wearing a white kurti with “neha” clearly written on it, sad, with beautiful decorations in the background in which Holi festival is being celebrated, some people are celebrating Holi. Playing, Colorful atmosphere, Holi atmosphere, Realistic image,

Holi 3D Ai Photos Images

Create Friends Happy Holi 3d Ai Photos Prompts

5TH PROMPT :- Create a realistic profile pictures for five 17 years old boys lay down with their heads together in park. They are wearing holi clothes. One boy wearing white shirt with name “RAJAN” write on clothes. Holi colours smoke, open eyes, holi colours on your clothes and cheeks, high quality picture.

Create Friends Happy Holi 3d Ai Photos Free

6TH PROMPT :- A realistic 18-year-old boy and a girl, both separated, are playfully spraying colors on each other from a distance, and both are wearing white clothes and have colors on their clothes, the boy’s clothes have “Rajan” and the girl’s The name “Neha” is written on the clothes, and “Happy Holi” is written in big letters in the sky above, both are smiling, many people, colorful sky, it is raining colors, everyone is very happy, Realistic image, realistic colors,

Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos Prompts

Everything that happens on Holi, for example, tearing clothes and applying paints. What am I doing with all these things? I’m trying to make it into an image, and people like that image too. That’s why when I was teaching how to create a photograph of Lord Krishna, many people liked it, then I thought I would try to do my best for them so that everything I can do will impress them. I will definitely teach you how to edit, and now you can easily create what I have taught in this article. How can you do this with your name?

If you want to know, then you will find out from this article. You just need to read the article carefully, and if you have any other idea in your head, for example, that you can’t create this photo, then you can let us know by commenting that, brother, you can create such a photo. If it’s going to be good. If people like it, I will definitely post it on my website.

How To Create images

Now we teach how to create photos. Just follow the steps that I am telling you, line by line, I have explained everything easily so that you do not face any problem.

  1. The first thing you have to do is copy the prompt. On our website, whatever image you want to create, like in this article, you will get its prompt below the image.
  2. Copy the prompt. What do you do with it after copying?
  3. You will find a red colored button below which is of Bing Image Creator.
  4. Click on it to go to the website and paste the prompt there.
  5. Now see, here it will ask you to login, then login and if you are already there then your photo will start getting created there.
  6. And after creation there are four images ready. Open any of them by tapping on it. There you will get the option of 3 dots and you can download everything there.
  7. So anyway you can create this image, I hope. You must have understood.

Create Friends Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos With Bing Image Creator Prompts

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