Cyan And Orange Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download

Cyan And Orange Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download

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Hello guys, how do you expect you to calm down. So friends, today in this article I bring you the Cyan And Orange Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download. This preset is especially for those who want to color their photos . Or they want presets . If you are an editor and you want to do some presets of this type, you will need its presets. For which to download, this article must be fully read . Then the download link will be found at the bottom in which the download can be easily downloaded by following the steps.

Requirements for Lightroom Mobile Application

  • Mobile Android Version Must be Android Kitkat (4.0) or Above Version.
  • Mobile Must Contain At least 1GB of RAM.
  • Minimum Free Storage of 4GB in your Mobile.
  • You Should Install Latest Version of Lightroom Mobile from Playstore.

As you all know Lightroom is considered the best color grading software ever in color grading history, but it stands out equally with Photoshop Camera Raw filters. As you know Camera Raw filters cannot be used in our mobile phones, so Adobe has blessed us with this Lightroom mobile version.

Cyan And Orange Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download
Cyan And Orange Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download

How to Use Golden lightroom preset in Desktop Lightroom in Windows (PC)?

  1. Open Lightroom from your PC.
  2. Go to Edit Tab.
  3. Then Go to Preferences Tab.
  4. Go to Preset Tab.
  5. Click on Open Preset containing folder.
  6. Go to the Lightroom folder.
  7. Then go to Develop Preset folder.
  8. Go to the User Preset folder.
  9. Paste all Lightroom Presets which I have given into that folder.
  10. Refresh folder.
  11. Close Lightroom.
  12. Restart Lightroom.
  13. Go to the Preset area.
  14. Go to User Presets.
  15. There you can find all 5 Presets installed.
  16. Enjoy all for free.

Import Notice: Please Don’t Use Right-Click and Choose “Save Picture as….” Because you will save the preview-size file. Which defiantly not a right way to save. Means you will got only preview pictures not any presets, So only press Download Now button for download any presets in this site.

How to download Golden lightroom preset :-

Click the link below to download.
New page of Google Drive will open.
There you will get to see preset now.
Tap on any of them to open.
The download arrow will appear in the top side.
It has to be clicked and downloaded.

Popular Cyan And Orange Tone Lightroom Presets

1. Teal and Orange

A favorite among landscape photographers, this preset emphasizes teal skies and orange highlights, creating a dramatic and cinematic effect. It’s perfect for sunset shots and beach scenes.

2. Urban Explorer

Designed for street and urban photography, this preset enhances the cool tones of the cityscape while warming up the highlights, providing a modern and edgy look.

3. Portrait Magic

Ideal for portrait photographers, this preset enhances skin tones and natural light, making the subject stand out with a healthy glow against a subtly cool background.

4. Tropical Vibes

Perfect for vacation photos, this preset brings out the vibrant blues of the ocean and the warm tones of sunlight, giving your photos a lively and cheerful appearance.


Cyan and orange tone Lightroom presets are a powerful tool for photographers looking to enhance their images with professional quality and efficiency. By understanding the benefits and application techniques, you can make the most of these presets to elevate your photography. Whether you’re a landscape photographer capturing the beauty of nature or a portrait artist highlighting the essence of your subjects, these presets can help you achieve stunning results.


1. What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are pre-configured settings in Adobe Lightroom that allow photographers to apply specific adjustments to their photos with a single click, enhancing efficiency and consistency in photo editing.

2. Why are cyan and orange tone presets popular?

Cyan and orange tone presets are popular because they create a visually appealing contrast between cool and warm tones, enhancing the vibrancy and emotional impact of photos, especially in landscape and portrait photography.

3. How do I import presets into Lightroom?

To import presets into Lightroom, open Lightroom, navigate to the Develop module, click on the Presets panel, and select “Import Presets.” Choose the downloaded preset files to add them to your library.

4. Can I customize the presets after applying them?

Yes, after applying a preset, you can fine-tune adjustments such as exposure, contrast, and saturation to customize the look to suit your specific needs and style.

5. What types of photos work best with cyan and orange tone presets?

Photos with natural elements like skies, water, and skin tones are ideal candidates for cyan and orange tone presets. The contrast between the cyan and orange hues enhances these elements, making the images more visually striking.

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