Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024

Friends, in this post I’m going to tell you about the Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024, which is now popular on Instagram. Everyone who uses this template gets very good views in their videos, and they use this template. It’s very easy to do, all you need is the VN scan code, which is linked below. First of all, download this VN scan code from there. Then you need to scan this scan code in your VN application, after which you can create your video by inserting your photo. You will really like this template because in it you will get amazing effects that will give your video a perfect look.

Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024
Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024

Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024

Rani Tu Mein Raja VN template will change the rules of the game in the world of digital marketing. Designed to increase your brand awareness and engagement, this template offers many customizable features tailored to your specific needs. From stunning visuals to user-friendly navigation, it’s the perfect solution to create an immersive online experience.

Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024

1. Open the VN app on your device. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app to access all the features.

2. Start a new project by tapping the “+” or “Create” button. Choose an aspect ratio to share your video, such as 16:9, 1:1 or 9:16.

3. Import your footage: Add the video clips, images and audio you want to your project. You can import media from your device’s gallery or capture new footage using the app.

4. Access templates: Find the “Templates” section in the app. It may be in the bottom menu or accessible from the main editing screen. Browse the available templates.

5. Apply the template: Once you find a template you like, select it to apply it to your project. The template will be applied to your timeline and existing media placeholders will be replaced with elements from the template.

 6. Customize: After you apply the template, you can further customize it to fit your content. You can replace placeholder media with your own video clips or images, rearrange elements, change transitions, and enhance any effects.

7. Edit and enhance: Use VN’s editing tools to make additional adjustments to your video. You can trim, cut, split, add text, overlays, stickers, filters, and other effects to improve your video.

8. Preview and finalize: Preview your video to make sure everything looks the way you want it to. Make any necessary adjustments. Once satisfied, save or export your video with your preferred format and quality settings.

9. Export and share: Export your edited video with the selected format and quality settings. Then, share it on social media platforms, messaging apps, or save it to your device.


VN is a video editing app offering Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template for quick video creation. Open the app, start a project, import media, and explore templates. Apply a template, customize, edit, preview, and export your final video for sharing.


Where can I get a VN template?

Click on Template in the VN App to see the Photo Templates, and you can pick a ready-to-use Template. You can adjust the Footages and text content based on your own.

How do I import a template into VN?

In the VN App interface, click the Scan button. Select the VN template and scan it to import.

How do I save a template in VN?

Select the features below according to the requirements. Click Save only or Save and Publish. Wait for the template to upload successfully, then select the Templates page. Click on the Templates, select Share, and choose VN Code.

What is the VN code?

By using VN Code, you can get various resources by simply scanning VN ID, VN Videos, Templates, Music, Sound FX, Fonts, Stickers, LUT Filters and more.

Rani Tu Mein Raja VN Template Link 2024

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